Justin Wilson's Notes Helped His Brother Qualify For This Year's Indy 500

One of this year’s rookies is more familiar with the Indianapolis 500 than most: Stefan Wilson. Stefan’s brother Justin died last year following a head injury sustained at Pocono, but Justin’s legacy lives on in an unlikely way— his notes. Stefan used Justin’s notes to help him through his first IndyCar drive since…

The Dumb Formula One Qualifying Format Teams Voted To Kill Is Back Anyway

If you needed a perfect illustration as to why the Grand Prix Drivers Association called Formula One out for its poor decision-making processes, here it is. The FIA put a tweaked version of the borked qualifying system up to a vote—not the system that the teams voted for—and thus, couldn’t get the agreement they…


Formula One's New Qualifying System Accomplished Nothing, Frustrated Many

There was a lot of action at the start of the new Formula One qualifying system, but it felt as if drivers gave up at the end, and far too much “action” involved cars getting in and out of garages. Simply put in the words of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff to Sky Sports: “The new qualifying format is rubbish.”

Formula One's New Qualifying System Is Too Complicated For Formula One

Formula One’s new elimination-based method of qualifying isn’t just more complex for fans to follow, but it’s become a problem for the sport’s own operations as well. Communicating these 90-second eliminations to teams and fans is such a major undertaking that we won’t see it until at least the fifth race of the…