What Track Should Be The New Standard For Speed?

The news out of Germany is that the famed Nürburgring, one of the oldest race tracks in the world and also one of the deadliest, is ramping up its speed limits in certain segments. That means the days of the ‘Ring being the go-to track for insane lap records, especially for cars like the Koenigsegg One:1, may be over. » 6/19/15 11:30am 6/19/15 11:30am

What's The Best Car Bred By Communism?

Outstanding news, fellow workers! The comrades at Gawker Media voted in favor of forming a union yesterday, the first of its kind in the online news world! Now we shall all partake in the glorious sharing of universal rights, press cars, sexual partners and break room snacks! (I think that’s what all this was about,… » 6/04/15 11:30am 6/04/15 11:30am