Rafale Has Gone From Long-Time Export Flop To Huge Success In 45 Days

There is no doubt about it, the French-built Rafale fighter is on a roll. Egypt suddenly sealed a deal for 24 of the multirole fighters in February, India finally consummated a reduced initial order of 36 jets, and now Qatar will purchase 24. After 20 years, the Rafale has gone from an export zero to export hero in a… » 4/30/15 4:07pm 4/30/15 4:07pm

Hoon of the Day: Two-Wheeling, Qatar-Style

It's shot on a low-end camera phone and overdubbed with some seriously lo-fi wailing music, but there's no hiding the fact that here we see some nutcase driving his SUV (image is too crappy to ID it) on two wheels for a very long distance. Of course, the car-on-two-wheels routine has been done many times before,… » 4/26/07 10:30am 4/26/07 10:30am