Nissan Qashqai+2 Revealed Ahead Of London Motor Show

Nissan has issued the first pictures of its new seven-seater crossover vehicle that takes the Qashqai and cranks the knob up by "+2." That's right, it's called the Qashqai+2, an all-new bigger Qashqai that seats two more than the original model of the strangely-named CUV. Nissan accomplishes the increased room by… » 4/07/08 8:36am 4/07/08 8:36am

The Nissan Qashqai Dualis Robot Will Rule All Japan!

I swear to god, with my robot obsession, you'd swear I was Japanese. They're the only culture crazed over bots enough to hold me, much less contain me. I'd fit right in — if I weren't 6'3" and teeming with 'merican nationalist spirit. But still, the Japanese deserve the credit for merging automotive culture with the… » 5/24/07 8:18pm 5/24/07 8:18pm

Essen Show Preview: Cobra N+ Nissan Qashqai

Our chap about town, Nick Hall, is hanging around Germany's Essen tuner show (like the US's SEMA), attending to the ladies vehicles on display. While he's there, he'll likely come across Cobra's N+ program as applied to the Nissan Qashqai, the company's new compact SUV currently only available in Europe. The package… » 11/30/06 1:39pm 11/30/06 1:39pm