ABT Sportsline Tunes Audi Q5, Thinks SUV Means "Particularly Sporty"-UV

ABT, let's talk. Listen, we've been friends for a while now and you often build amazingly badass modified Audis » 8/22/08 12:45pm 8/22/08 12:45pm. But the ABT Audi Q5 is just too much. We opened up your email today showing off the modified Audi Q5 along with a press release, and it took us a moment to overcome the 'Are they serious?' moment we had. We …

Audi Q5 Spied Enjoying The Sights And Sounds Of Malibu

A reader over at the Burlapp Car Page snapped a photo of a completely unmasked 2009 Audi Q5 in Malibu basking in the warm glow of the brilliant Pacific sun. We assume this is an early tester out measuring how many and what kind of Jamba Juice containers will fit in the cupholders. Though the Audi Q5 leans a bit heavy… » 7/29/08 2:15pm 7/29/08 2:15pm

Audi Q5 Spied Taking Right Turn

These are absolutely the most exciting shots of the pending Audi Q5 we've ever seen. They've got us sitting right at the edge of our seats. Watch in excitement as the latest pointless utility vehicle makes a dramatic low speed right turn on a road winding lazily through an empty field. Ponder in amazement what reason… » 4/17/08 11:20am 4/17/08 11:20am

Was Ist Das? Neue Photos of The Audi Q5

We were so busy with the Q7 review, it seems the newly minted Autobild artists renditions slipped right by us. Our German is rusty (more like seized up) so we're going to treat these with kid gloves, but it looks like a new interpretation of details on the BMW X3 fighter. Even though some of these images are really… » 2/15/08 9:30am 2/15/08 9:30am

Purported Audi Internal Product Release Schedule Leaks on to Internet, …

A number of Audi fan forums across the internet have a spreadsheet showing up that purportedly shows a list of each and every product launch in Germany for 2008 (high-res shot here). Included in the spreadsheet are such noted notables as the Q5 and Q7 V12 TDI at the end of the third quarter, the Audi TT-S listed in the … » 12/04/07 7:45am 12/04/07 7:45am

Report: Audi Q5 to Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

We've already seen countless prototypes caught by the long-lens set. Now, according to Automotive News, Audi's new small SUV/crossover and younger debutante sister to the Q7 — that is, the Q5 — will receive its coming out at the LA auto show later this month. Apparently, Audi's competitor to the BMW X3 and upcoming… » 11/01/07 9:30am 11/01/07 9:30am

Audi Q5 in Canvas

Please to ignore that man under the potato sack. He's allegedly driving the upcoming Audi Q5, which if all goes according to conjecture, will debut in 2009. Car insists a 400-hp Porsche-tuned version of the small SUV is forthcoming, though the Stuttgarters have said nein to that noise. Nonetheless, the new ute will be… » 7/10/07 9:42am 7/10/07 9:42am

Porsche To Add Lightness, Insanity: The Roxster Is Nigh

Update: And now we're under the back fence. Porsche has just released a statement claiming nein, there will be no baby-SUV. However, if they did indeed grad the moniker Roxster, we have some advice for them. Stuff the twin-turbo V8 into the middle of the Cayman. That's a Roxster. » 5/25/07 9:15am 5/25/07 9:15am

Shanghai Auto Show: Audi Cross Coup Concept Reveal

We popped down the river's edge last night to check out the debut of Audi's Cross Coup Concept, which seems to be a big, throbbing hint at the direction the Q5 crossover will take. Audi desing honcho Stefan Sielaff pointed out that the tallights are of the "utmost precision," while we seem to recall that company boss… » 4/19/07 7:45pm 4/19/07 7:45pm