Rossion Q1: A Noble for Americans

It's not that we dislike the faux-spyshot device as a rule. Volkswagen did it to some effect with its new Tiguan SUV. But it's a little trite for our taste. Nonetheless, it's the latest attention-getting strategy of new carmaker Rossion. That is, the US-based sports car builder (and Noble distributor) that's licensed… » 10/09/07 4:39pm 10/09/07 4:39pm

New Nobility: Rossion Q1 Is The New Noble

If you'll remember, UK auto manufacturer Noble was totally on the ropes a few months back due to capital needs on development of the M15. And as UK automaking companies are want to do, they looked to sell the right to build their vehicles overseas. In Noble's case, they tossed overboard the rights to the M12 and M400.… » 7/12/07 1:00pm 7/12/07 1:00pm

Over the Back Fence: Audi Q1 SUV?

You say there's a combination of letter and number yet unused in Audi's lineup? We say there's a speculation hole yet to be filled. Today, that means a possibility Audi will build the Q1 SUV. Obviously the Q7 is reality, the Q5 is on its way, and the Q3 has already been mentioned in the same breath as the coming… » 4/10/07 12:34pm 4/10/07 12:34pm