Pentagon Unsure If It Could Beat Russia In A Conventional Conflict 

The Daily Beast reports that a series of classified war gaming exercises ran by the Defense Department have clearly shown that the U.S. is ill-prepared for a sustained military engagement with Russia. Such a situation is not that hard to believe as our forces have been mired in counter-terror and counter-insurgency… » 8/14/15 7:41pm 8/14/15 7:41pm

Things Got So Awkward Between Putin And Obama At China's APEC Summit

It is well known that the leaders of the two nations that collectively posses the vast majority of nuclear weapons on planet earth have an icy relationship at best. This was awkwardly apparent at this week's Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in China. Here are some of the best pictures of this odd couple's… » 11/12/14 8:16pm 11/12/14 8:16pm

Ukraine Update #4: Are Russia And Ukraine Already At War?

Things are really heating up in Eastern Ukraine right now. After weeks of mounting chaos, and in some case violence, many government facilities in the region have been overrun by armed pro-Russian separatists. After days of looking for a way around military intervention, Kiev has launched a large military… » 4/16/14 10:47am 4/16/14 10:47am

Move Over, Stalinmobile! The Putin Suzuki Is Here!

It's one thing to paint a mural celebrating a dead Russian (well, OK, Georgian) thug all over your Volga, but how about painting a mural of a live Russian thug on your Suzuki? We don't know a whole lot about this car, but the eXile has proclaimed it to be their official vehicle, so you know it's gotta be the real… » 4/27/07 9:30pm 4/27/07 9:30pm