Princeton Transformers 2 Video Reveals Speeding Astra, Sweet Pursuit GKart Camera

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is filming some kind of chase scene this week on the set of Princeton University featuring the Saturn Astra we saw on set last week. These videos, caught by some intrepid students, indicate the Astra appears to be damaged, so one could suggest it's probably not a Transformer and… »6/24/08 2:00pm6/24/08 2:00pm

Standing Still: Ford Launches Fusion Pursuit Edition For Euro Market

FoMoCo released a new variant on the Euro edition of the Fusion, which unlike the 'merican car with "Bold" "Hi, I'm Dave" razor-blade styling, is a minicar built off the Fiesta platform exhibiting more of a "Meek" "Hi, I'm your auntie" mini-minivan styling. But although this variant is called the "Pursuit Edition" it… »12/20/06 9:01am12/20/06 9:01am