More Smash: Can You Really Have Too Many Pumpkins Pics?

By now you've seen sexy Murilee's mondo-gallery of extra Pumpkin Smash pinups. Well, here's mine. The difference? Murilee has a $20 camera that fits in his pocket while I have a huge rig costing over a grand. And his photos look better. That's an art school education for you. Real quick: all pit shots are pre-race.… » 10/29/07 5:00pm 10/29/07 5:00pm

Front-Drive Traction Fails The Escort... Again

Much as we're rooting for the front-drive underdog in the Pumpkin Smash enduro, this Escort has some handling issue in addition to its inability to take Monte Carlo-style punishment. Jonny caught some nice stills of the most recent mishap, and here's the video for y'all. At the moment, we're on a break from the… » 10/27/07 10:15pm 10/27/07 10:15pm