Nuclear Waste Ship Patched-Up In Nick Of Time

When a Norwegian environmental group heard a nuclear waste ship was transporting spent nuclear fuel off the country's coast they complained an accident, if it occurred, would have "dramatic consequences." A week later the ship started sinking. » 1/11/11 3:45pm 1/11/11 3:45pm

GM EN-V: The Pac-Man-Like Future Of Urban Travel?

This is the GM EN-V, short for "Electric Networked-Vehicle," an autonomously-driving tech-heavy two-seater pod co-developed with Segway and designed to one day replace cars for short trips in cities. Will it work? » 3/24/10 8:01am 3/24/10 8:01am

The Formula One Car Made From Shoe Boxes

To launch its new store in Chicago, Puma commissioned British design duo The Wilson Brothers to create a life-size Formula One car out of shoe boxes. Time lapse video of the build below. » 2/23/10 10:30am 2/23/10 10:30am

Puma Builds Lifesize Ferrari F1 Car With Clothing

Looks like Puma finally found a use for all its naff Ferrari-branded clothing. This Ferrari F60 is built of shoes, hats and the red and gold polo shirts exclusively worn by European rednecks. » 9/21/09 3:00pm 9/21/09 3:00pm

Segway, GM Project P.U.M.A.: Live Reveal!

GM and Segway just unveiled Project P.U.M.A. live here in New York. Don't judge the two-wheeler on looks alone; it's just a prototype for a much more finished urban transportation solution. » 4/07/09 10:57am 4/07/09 10:57am

VIDEO: GM, Segway PUMA Pod Gets First Drive On Today Show

GM and Segway have teamed up before the New York Auto Show on what they're calling the PUMA project. The prototype vehicle was exclusively unveiled today on the Today Show. It's no April Fool's joke. » 4/07/09 8:15am 4/07/09 8:15am

GM, Segway To Unveil New Two-Wheeled Urban Vehicle

GM and Segway will announce today they're working together to develop a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle part of the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility or PUMA project. No, seriously. UPDATE: We now have video! » 4/06/09 9:29pm 4/06/09 9:29pm

Manic Beattie Hill Climb Car With Turbine-Powered Turbocharger,…

Every once in a while, when looking at no holds barred race cars there comes the engineering equivalent of a facepalm moment. It's that second where we wonder 'Why didn't I think of that?' Like when we discovered how Nic Mann's record-breaking hill climb racer uses a turbine engine from a helicopter auxiliary power… » 11/26/08 10:00am 11/26/08 10:00am

1970 Puma GT

Our commenter friend WhatWouldJesseDo lives just a few blocks from me, so I see his stable of Jalopnik-approved machinery on a regular basis. First we saw his '66 Datsun 411, followed by the '61 Mini, and now he's got the 1970 Puma GT you see here.
» 9/18/07 9:00am 9/18/07 9:00am

Ford's Reflex Concept Could Give Way to New Puma

Europeans know the Ford Puma as a small, mildly sporty hatchback based on the Fiesta, not as a sexy beast with 20" alloys and curves for days. But if Autoexpress is correct, Euros may see something in their forecourts that looks like the Reflex concept Ford showed off at the Detroit show this year. The Reflex, they… » 1/12/06 11:00am 1/12/06 11:00am