Fifty Years of Kerouac's "On The Road"

Fourteen years before the United States mandated exit numbers on Dwight Eisenhower's brainchild of a road system, a Lowell, Mass native of French-Canadian extraction named Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac published a novel that would change countless lives; a mash note to an already-dead America living under the weight of… » 9/13/07 1:30pm 9/13/07 1:30pm

Question(s) of the Day: Who Will Buy Primedia's Car Titles; Which Will be Cut?

Ho, snap. Just a day after content giant, Primedia announced it was buying car-niche competitor VerticalScope Inc.'s Modified, Modified Luxury and Exotics titles, the company announced it's looking to sell off its remaining enthusiast titles. Primedia has been on a cash-raising binge, of late, for example, shedding… » 2/09/07 1:01pm 2/09/07 1:01pm

Exercises in Pluggage: New Issue of Gearhead Out Now

Bumbeck and myself can both count Gearhead as a cornerstone in our auto-writing careers. Mike's contributed to it for years, and I edited a few issues, a task that nearly drove me straight to the booby hatch and ultimately led me to Jalopnik's door. Also of note, Gearhead founder Mike LaVella bestowed the nickname… » 1/12/07 6:30pm 1/12/07 6:30pm

Crank it or Spank It? The Winding Road 'Vette Debate Rages On

Over at Dubspeed, spy photog and minion of Priddy Chris Doane weighs in on his side of the Winding Road faux-Blue Devil prank. Kasey Kagawa follows Doane's piece up with a counterpunch of his own, stating that stunts like this are precisely what American autojournalism needs to shake it out of its own self-absorbed… » 12/04/06 10:45pm 12/04/06 10:45pm

Sound of a New World Being Born? 0-60 In 184 Days

The kids over at Harris Publications, undaunted by the demise of periodicals such as Custom Rodder, are launching a new book focusing on the world of sporting motorcars. Their teaser site's up now, and they dropped the preview issue at SEMA. Although it has no El Caminos to speak of, there is a certain white Starion… » 11/20/06 6:45pm 11/20/06 6:45pm

Now Sweet Peet is Fighting With Karl Brauer

A couple of days ago, His Magnificent Sweetness took Karl Brauer of Edmunds to task over the site's "Most Wanted" vehicles list only including two slabs of Detroit iron. Peter's rationale? "[I]s it any wonder that the new go-to guy for auto-biz quotage for that beacon of anti-Detroit objectivity, The New York Times,… » 11/03/06 4:15pm 11/03/06 4:15pm

Sweet Peet D. On Motor Trend's Car of the Year, Again

We write many items in the space of a week. We know what burnout is like. We know how easy it is to fall back on time-tested gems like "notgonnahappen.com" and "the answer to the question that absolutely nobody is asking." Or alternately crap about Detroit that nobody but Detroiters would care about, like the Ham… » 10/26/06 6:30pm 10/26/06 6:30pm

Popular Hot Rodding Puts Another Chink in Primedia's Styrofoam Chinese Wall

Back when Cameron Evans helmed Popular Hot Rodding, the mag had a real spark to it and some pretty solid momentum going. Once he bailed, it rapidly slid downhill. So somewhat unexpectedly, Johnny Hunkins recently exposed the enthusiast-media game for what it is (basically parts payola) with an evocative quote: » 8/15/06 5:30am 8/15/06 5:30am


The Truth About Advertising on the Truth About Cars

Frank Williams weighs in on Farago's decision to accept advertising on TTAC, discussing the impact it's had on other publications' Chinese Wall. As for our own two cents, Farago's never had much of a problem telling folks to go screw themselves, so we think it'll be an interesting experiment. At the same time,… » 8/08/06 10:45pm 8/08/06 10:45pm

Brock Yates on His Car and Driver Departure

Brock Yates is one of the more divisive figures in automotive journalism. In fact, we feel like a redundant dunce in even saying that, but whatever. Still, we were really shocked when Sweet Peet D. mentioned that Csaba Csere had let Yates go. To us, being thirtysomethings, Yates is more an icon of Car and Driver than… » 5/13/06 2:54pm 5/13/06 2:54pm

And Now For Something Completely Different: 'King Dork' Blog Book Tour

We almost balked at this, and then decided to go ahead with it, since Andrew Krucoff's at the NY Auto Show and once attempted to be a Mopar hipster, at which he failed miserably. To be fair, that's easier to do than most hipsters think. Nevertheless, our man A.K. managed to get an interview with Frank Portman… » 4/12/06 2:22pm 4/12/06 2:22pm

Austin Rebuts! More on the MPH Ram Mega Cab Debate!

Oh, why the hell not? If it's important enough for Mike Austin to throw his editor a comeback insulting his lack of operable follicles, it's enough for us to report on. Austin's posted a response to his ed's takedown of his love of the Ram Mega Cab, acquiescing somewhat. And while you're over there, ex-Necro and… » 2/20/06 3:43pm 2/20/06 3:43pm

Internecine Strife at MPH, or What Happens When Your Editor Vehemently Disagrees with You

Mike Austin and Eddie Alterman, we adore you both. Y'all know that. And we like the way you've started usiing your blog; beating each other 'bout the head and whatnot. Backstory? Austin posted a bit on the Dodge Ram Mega Cab, relating it to a Merc Pullman. Alterman decried this as silly, busting out with "Perhaps… » 2/18/06 1:47pm 2/18/06 1:47pm

Lame, Easy Headline of the Day: Cops in 'Dukes' Cars

While we went with the relatively simple and straightforward, other media outlets went straight for the "Dukes of Hazzard" reference. We've re-thought our decision since then and would like to change it to "NYPD to Drive Cars Once Tuned by Carroll Shelby," because, you know, like, a Charger's a Charger, right? » 2/10/06 2:51pm 2/10/06 2:51pm

Hoho! The Embargo Thingy Takes on a New Dimension

So earlier today, we took note of Sweet Peet D.'s rant on the state of auto publishing and how fools like is wreckin' it for the Hachettes and Primedias of the world and their long-standing traditions. We checked out this article on media-vs-consumer buzz at CNN, and it turns out that some of the manufacturers are… » 2/08/06 6:50pm 2/08/06 6:50pm