Public Transit Needs A "Turd Blossom"

NPR humorist Brian Unger has a semi-serious solution to the nation's oil crisis — let's put Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove on the case. Unger thinks what many already believe, what the nation needs is a "Manhattan Project" for mass transit. The plan is for us to be able to leave work-and-back commuting to the trains,… » 4/24/06 5:01pm 4/24/06 5:01pm

GM To Toyota: STUPID! You're So STUPID!

The General's FastLane Blog is taking great umbrage at a recent claim that Toyota created the "world's first longitudinal hybrid transmission." It appears, from comments made by Tom Stephens, GM's Group VP for GM Powertrain, that GM already has not one, but two hybridized longitudinal transmissions...and...they are… » 3/28/06 3:10pm 3/28/06 3:10pm

Mercedes Gets on the Short Bus

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round...uh, wha' hrm? Sorry. We zoned there for a second, lost in the reverie of riding the school bus. Which we actually rarely did, opting for hoofing it or biking. And we're trying to remember, despite our mental ineptitude, whether we actually rode the short… » 2/08/06 2:16pm 2/08/06 2:16pm

New Jersey's Sith Cheese Bus Pilot of Death

Bumbeck took time out of his [Star]quest for fire and tossed us this item from the New York Daily News regarding a Staten Island bus driver who masterminded a Star Wars-themed fight club aboard his bus, complete with the posted bylaws of the Death Cheese Club, which state in part: "In a ranking of Master or above,… » 2/03/06 1:50pm 2/03/06 1:50pm

More People Mover Fun!

Oh, why not? It's Friday, and can you really get enough of Detroit's favorite four-bit boondoggle, the People Mover? Reading the article on Wikipedia, we were amazed at some of the more pertinent points in the 'Mover's 18-year history. For example, the implosion of the Hudson's building in '98 damaged the track,… » 1/20/06 6:06pm 1/20/06 6:06pm

Adventures in Peoplemoving

Yes, Virginia, there is public rail transit in the heart of the Mot r City. The Detroit People Mover only costs 50 cents to ride, and well, you get what you pay for. Last night after giving up on wrangling Spinelli into the DCX event at the Firehouse, we supped elsewhere and then caught the last People Mover back to… » 1/09/06 3:32pm 1/09/06 3:32pm

Trading the Short Bus for the Double Decker in London Town

Apparently, some people aren't happy with the fact that London's retiring its signature Route- master double-decker buses. Or maybe they're all too happy. Some loon swiped one from the Tolworth bus garage and went on a rampage through Purley, leaving smashed-type cars in his wake. Mark Moser, a man whose Volvo was… » 12/16/05 7:35pm 12/16/05 7:35pm

New York to Go All High-Occupancy Like in Event of Strike

With a transit-worker strike looming, officials in New York are putting together contingency plans, including shuttle trains from 33rd St. to the World Trade Center, and a radical HOV-only plan in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. If the strike goes off Friday morning, only vehicles containing four individuals will be… » 12/13/05 1:17pm 12/13/05 1:17pm

Is There a Science to Safe Bus Paint Schemes?

Officials in Los Angeles are questioning the decision to paint Orange Line buses silver. Designed to give the impression of luxurious speed, the silver buses have been involved in a number of accidents, which leads authorities to wonder if they made a mistake and should've gone with a more visible color. Then again,… » 12/07/05 11:13pm 12/07/05 11:13pm