New York to Go All High-Occupancy Like in Event of Strike

With a transit-worker strike looming, officials in New York are putting together contingency plans, including shuttle trains from 33rd St. to the World Trade Center, and a radical HOV-only plan in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. If the strike goes off Friday morning, only vehicles containing four individuals will be… » 12/13/05 1:17pm 12/13/05 1:17pm

Is There a Science to Safe Bus Paint Schemes?

Officials in Los Angeles are questioning the decision to paint Orange Line buses silver. Designed to give the impression of luxurious speed, the silver buses have been involved in a number of accidents, which leads authorities to wonder if they made a mistake and should've gone with a more visible color. Then again,… » 12/07/05 11:13pm 12/07/05 11:13pm