A Gift Guide for the Transit-Obsessed

This one's for the people who give you more reliable subway directions than HopStop, who can describe to you, in detail, the metro map in any given city, and who want to ride the bus "just because." These transportation-themed gifts will fare well for any and all overzealous public transit enthusiasts in your life.… » 12/05/13 3:19pm 12/05/13 3:19pm

UC Berkeley Researchers Create Bus That Steers Itself, Solving All…

A group led by researchers at UC Berkeley have successfully tested and developed a bus that steers itself using magnets built into the road. While the driver still controls the acceleration and braking, and can take over steering, a computerized system is responsible for the direction of the bus. As simple as it… » 9/11/08 3:15pm 9/11/08 3:15pm

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibuses Are Awesome

Why are we randomly showing you pictures of European Sprinter vans? Because Mercedes Sprinter Vans are awesome. Bigger and mightier than the standard Sprinter is the Sprinter Minibus line, which offers seating configurations for uses as varied as hospice transport to urban people moving. Our personal favorite is the… » 4/03/08 3:00pm 4/03/08 3:00pm

London Time Contour Maps Help You Decide Between Tube And Triumph

If you haven't figured it out yet, some of us are big fans of clever cartography. We were therefore quite pleased when we came upon a cache of maps designed by the folks at mySociety that show the relationship between time and distance from certain points in London. The time contour maps let you know how quickly you… » 1/24/08 12:15pm 1/24/08 12:15pm

BART, As Usual, Gets Chumpy, SF Bay Universal Fare in Danger

While the distinction of the lamest public transit agency in the Bay Area may well have to be handed to Contra Costa County's County Connection and San Francisco's Muni is certainly the most notorious, BART totally wins the expensive crybaby prize. From worker strikes to fare hikes, the agency just can't seem to… » 8/14/07 1:00pm 8/14/07 1:00pm

San Francisco Transit Wonks Shoot Selves in Foot

Arguing about the problems with Sucka Free transit can be likened to fourteen year-olds debating which of Iron Maiden's 1980s lighting rigs were the coolest. (We're voting for Somewhere on Tour if there's an official record.) Board of Supervisors honcho Aaron Peskin has posited that "Voters will have to ask… » 8/06/07 4:30pm 8/06/07 4:30pm