Indian Truckers Spreading HIV Across Subcontinent

As history has taught us, mobility is often a double-edged sword. In India, quite a few indigenous truck stops, or "dhabas," offer free food to long-haul truckers, provided they pop for a quick stress-reliever with a prostitute, kinda like free drinks while one gambles in Vegas. Unfortunately, many, if not most of… » 11/29/05 4:17pm 11/29/05 4:17pm

Scottish Cabbies: Safe Sex Isn't Crap!

Family planning and safe sex advocates in Scotland are once again butting heads with the Catholic Church. "So what's new?" you may ask, gentle reader. What's new, dearly beloved perusers of the Jalop, is that a condom manufacturer is working with agencies in Edinburgh and Glasgow to provide cab drivers with condoms… » 11/25/05 8:40am 11/25/05 8:40am