Why Do People Take Selfies In Emergencies?

When a United Airlines flight made an emergency landing this summer due to medical situations on board, as the oxygen masks fell down, some passengers’ phone cameras went up. But psychologists say the instinct to snap a selfie in a near-death experience isn’t all narcissism—it’s also about survival and… »9/16/15 12:34pm9/16/15 12:34pm


Working Retail Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About People

People say that “everyone should work retail or service at least once in their lives.” I couldn’t agree more. Like many people, some of my first jobs were retail service gigs. One in a department store, another in a bookstore. I’ve long since moved on, but I learned a lot about the nature of people—and how that battle… »8/26/15 1:06pm8/26/15 1:06pm

Have You Ever Been Haunted By The Thought Of Yanking The Wheel And Crashing While Driving?

As a near-professional grade eavesdropper, I get to be privy to a lot of conversations. Just a few days ago I heard two people talking about how, when they're driving sometimes, they get these strange, persistent urges to just yank their steering wheel and crash their car, dramatically and disastrously. As I walked… »3/14/13 4:20pm3/14/13 4:20pm