Working Retail Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About People

People say that “everyone should work retail or service at least once in their lives.” I couldn’t agree more. Like many people, some of my first jobs were retail service gigs. One in a department store, another in a bookstore. I’ve long since moved on, but I learned a lot about the nature of people—and how that battle… »8/26/15 1:06pm8/26/15 1:06pm

Have You Ever Been Haunted By The Thought Of Yanking The Wheel And Crashing While Driving?

As a near-professional grade eavesdropper, I get to be privy to a lot of conversations. Just a few days ago I heard two people talking about how, when they're driving sometimes, they get these strange, persistent urges to just yank their steering wheel and crash their car, dramatically and disastrously. As I walked… »3/14/13 4:20pm3/14/13 4:20pm