Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5: Test-Drive Video

We've never videotaped a new-car test drive before — 20 minutes of bullshit talk from a guy in a bad suit, and us trying to decide when to "test the brakes," isn't exactly cinemographic gold in the making. But again, we didn't spend $3 million to get our own, custom Ferrari, designed by Pininfarina. Luckily, buyer… » 8/03/06 11:11am 8/03/06 11:11am

More on the James Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5; Pininfarina Releases Press…

Pininfarina's released a press kit on the Ferrari P4/5 it created for James "Big Daddy" Glickenhaus, ahead of the car's debut at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance next month. They've including imagery of initial sketches, wind-tunnel testing, first-drive day and a candid shot of Glickenhaus talking his accountant… » 7/29/06 10:41am 7/29/06 10:41am

Glickenhaus Unveils His New Ferrari 612 P4/5

On Monday we had Glickenhaus and his first-person account of driving his new custom Pininfarina — and now we've got the pictures. This 1960's 330 P4-inspired Ferrari is basically an Enzo that's been prettied up a bit by the boys and girls over at Pininifarina — and oh, how it has. Wanna bet he won't let us anywhere… » 7/19/06 9:35am 7/19/06 9:35am

You Are There: James Glickenhaus Drives His Custom Ferrari

Our new best friend James Glickenhaus [our birthday's in April, J. — ed] took his custom Ferrari for a spin in Italy, ahead of its unveiling at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance next month. If you'll recall, Glickenhaus is the Ferrari collector who's commissioning Pininfarina to build him a $3 million bespoke… » 7/17/06 10:32am 7/17/06 10:32am

Panamera Predecessor: Evidence of Porsche's "Secret" 989 Found

AutoWeek has unearthed photos of a four-door Porsche prototype of the early 1990s that may be the spiritual predecessor to the company's upcoming Panamera. The Porsche 989 one-off was a rear-engined (as opposed to the front-engined Panamera) prototype based on the 911, though with several styling and suspension… » 8/17/05 5:46pm 8/17/05 5:46pm