Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5: Test-Drive Video

We've never videotaped a new-car test drive before — 20 minutes of bullshit talk from a guy in a bad suit, and us trying to decide when to "test the brakes," isn't exactly cinemographic gold in the making. But again, we didn't spend $3 million to get our own, custom Ferrari, designed by Pininfarina. Luckily, buyer… » 8/03/06 11:11am 8/03/06 11:11am

More on the James Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5; Pininfarina Releases Press…

Pininfarina's released a press kit on the Ferrari P4/5 it created for James "Big Daddy" Glickenhaus, ahead of the car's debut at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance next month. They've including imagery of initial sketches, wind-tunnel testing, first-drive day and a candid shot of Glickenhaus talking his accountant… » 7/29/06 10:41am 7/29/06 10:41am

Glickenhaus Unveils His New Ferrari 612 P4/5

On Monday we had Glickenhaus and his first-person account of driving his new custom Pininfarina — and now we've got the pictures. This 1960's 330 P4-inspired Ferrari is basically an Enzo that's been prettied up a bit by the boys and girls over at Pininifarina — and oh, how it has. Wanna bet he won't let us anywhere… » 7/19/06 9:35am 7/19/06 9:35am

You Are There: James Glickenhaus Drives His Custom Ferrari

Our new best friend James Glickenhaus [our birthday's in April, J. — ed] took his custom Ferrari for a spin in Italy, ahead of its unveiling at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance next month. If you'll recall, Glickenhaus is the Ferrari collector who's commissioning Pininfarina to build him a $3 million bespoke… » 7/17/06 10:32am 7/17/06 10:32am

That's Not My Car!: Collector Answers AutoWeek's P4/5 Speculation

James Glickenhaus, the Ferrari collector who's commissioning Pininfarina to build him a $3 million bespoke update of the Ferrari P4 over an Enzo chassis, the 612 P4/5, says AutoWeek's sea-mammalian rendering (above) completely missed the mark. He sent us an e-mail this morning to that effect. » 4/07/06 9:43am 4/07/06 9:43am


Buy a LeMans Racer, Get the Factory for Free, Sort of

Evans Automobiles of Georgia, builder of street-legal GT cars since 1986, is selling one of its racers. If you want another, you'll have to build it yourself — the company is leaving the business. But don't fret, the car comes with all the implements needed to build others, should you go in for that sort of thing.… » 9/22/05 2:19pm 9/22/05 2:19pm

Panamera Predecessor: Evidence of Porsche's "Secret" 989 Found

AutoWeek has unearthed photos of a four-door Porsche prototype of the early 1990s that may be the spiritual predecessor to the company's upcoming Panamera. The Porsche 989 one-off was a rear-engined (as opposed to the front-engined Panamera) prototype based on the 911, though with several styling and suspension… » 8/17/05 5:46pm 8/17/05 5:46pm

New LeMans Prototype From Radical Sportscars

UK-based motorsports builder, Radical Sportscars is introducing a new Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2) car, the SR9, and is looking for an American privateer team with which to take on the new Porsche LMP2 RS Spider. The new prototype, designed by Peter Elleray (whose Bentley EXP LMGTP won LeMans in 2003), the SR9 uses a… » 7/29/05 12:14pm 7/29/05 12:14pm

Hybrid Mercedes Prototypes to Be Shown in Frankfurt

Several Mercedes-benz hybrid prototype cars will appear at this year's Frankfurt motor show in September, the company announced recently. Among the prototypes will be an S-class powered by a diesel-electric system developed with GM, and several gas-electric versions of its CLK, which will be available for test drives… » 7/28/05 5:00pm 7/28/05 5:00pm