Are We on the Cusp of the Next Golden Age of Sports Car Racing?

There have been many recent developments in the world of sports car racing over the past few months, with important announcements coming from a large number of major automakers. This leads me to believe that we are on the cusp of something great, and something historic. Sports car racing has always been defined by… » 12/26/13 1:38pm 12/26/13 1:38pm

What Pre-Production Prototype Was Cooler Than The Finished Car?

Sometimes when automakers road test a big-budget new car, they try out all of the new mechanical parts in some Frankenstein chassis cobbled together from multiple different vehicles. They're call development mules, and they're often cooler than the finished product. » 9/03/13 11:30am 9/03/13 11:30am

This Is What The Caterham R620 Feels Like On The Nurburgring

"Caterham were here for the recent F1 GP at the Nürburgring. They brought with them the engine and transmission test mule for the new Caterham R620. This little green machine started life as 'just' an R500, before it got the new Sadev sequential gearbox and the supercharged R620 motor." » 7/10/13 12:17pm 7/10/13 12:17pm

Four Insane 60s Military Prototypes That Crashed and Burned


If the music‘s anything to go by, pretty much everyone was on something in the ’60s — and that includes the engineers. BAE Systems has recently dug up some totally batshit-crazy ideas that were seriously being kicked around by its ‘crack’ team of engineers, and they’re both totally ridiculous and dangerously awesome. » 6/18/13 3:40pm 6/18/13 3:40pm

This Is How Prototype Camouflage Works

We seem to agree on that the McLaren P1 XP1s have the best camouflage ever applied to a prototype, and while some of you argue that it's unnecessary since we've all seen the car already, the reason for it is very simple: development mules are getting the worst treatment you can imagine, and McLaren simply wants to… » 4/02/13 9:30am 4/02/13 9:30am

The Bulldog Was Aston Martin's Mid-Engined Dream

Within the factory walls, its codename was K-9, after Dr. Who's famous robotic dog. But since Alan Curtis, the Managing Director of Aston Martin Lagonda liked to spend his free time by flying a Scottish Aviation Bulldog, by the time the car was first shown to the public on March 27, 1980 at the Bell Hotel at Aston… » 2/01/13 4:20pm 2/01/13 4:20pm

Add Tech From The Mars Curiosity Rover To Your Old Car

Would you really like to take your old '76 Vega Kammback on the HOV lane, but you just can't convince anyone to ride with you? And, are you sick of the way that tired old engine sucks gas like it's gin in my uncle's secret Thermos? Sure you are. If that Vega was a hybrid, you could solve all these problems. » 8/10/12 2:20pm 8/10/12 2:20pm

Clueless New Yorkers Mistake Prototype BMW For Car Bomb

Clueless New Yorkers today mistook a lightly camouflaged BMW X3 prototype — carelessly left running in front of the Museum of Natural History by a BMW executive — for a car bomb and promptly shut down parts of the city. » 5/09/10 7:05pm 5/09/10 7:05pm