Maniac Cyclists Take To The L.A. Freeway To Protest, Or Something

If you were stuck in L.A. rush hour last Friday, there's a chance you encountered the folks from Crimanimal Mass, who took to the freeway, on bicycles (and in-line skates), as part of some sort of demonstration. One of the organizers said the purpose was to raise questions of transportation infrastructure. Aren't… »5/15/08 3:20pm5/15/08 3:20pm

Man Protests High Diesel Prices By Trading His Truck For A Horse, Horsepower Puns Ensue

A man in rural Kentucky, fed up by the high price for diesel, has decided to trade driving for riding. He'd rather fill up his horse with oats than spend $4.00 a gallon putting fuel in his truck, so he's riding everywhere in protest. This is easier for the gentleman because he's a sign painter and not, you know, an… »4/24/08 6:00pm4/24/08 6:00pm