For $15,000, This Mustang Is A Gas

Like those cooking shows where contestants are challenged to fashion a tasty meal out of things like okra slime and horse hooves, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mustang is an example of making do with what you have. Of course, its price may or may not just do as well. » 1/27/14 8:00am 1/27/14 8:00am

Propane Powered Suzuki Samurai Is Quite Acceptable

If the first thought that comes to mind when considering a vehicle once rated "unacceptable" by Consumer Reports because it "rolls over too easily" is not lifting it up in the air and adding twenty gallons of highly explosive gas to the passenger compartment, we certainly don't blame you. » 4/07/12 11:00am 4/07/12 11:00am

Most Sensible Daily Driver Ever: Propane-Burning, Supercharged…

You say your daily driver needs classic early-60s looks, clean-burning alternative fuel... and enough supercharged horsepower to rip out your spine? You want instant Project Car Hell Poster Child status? We've found your next car! » 7/03/10 3:00pm 7/03/10 3:00pm

ROUSH Propane-Powered Ford E-250: Econoline Gets Gassy

Like the idea of the ROUSH Propane-powered Ford F-150 and F-250 but need better compatibility with playgrounds and free candy? We give you the ROUSH Propane-Powered Ford E-250. Prepare to jam Econoline with propane. » 2/19/09 11:00am 2/19/09 11:00am

Roush Propane-Powered F-250: Hank Hill-Approved

You've seen us cover the propane-powered Roush F-150 in all of its tire-shredding glory. Now, they've upped the ante with a medium duty F-250 running on the same BBQ fuel. » 1/23/09 11:00am 1/23/09 11:00am

ROUSH Propane-Powered F-150: First Drive

Our gratuitous burnout ripping the tires to shreds demonstrates this ROUSH F-150 burns petroleum-based rubber. However, this very special pickup doesn't fuel up with pedestrian dinosaur juices like gas or diesel. Instead, it's powered fully by propane, the same thing powering a backyard grill.

» 12/03/08 3:30pm 12/03/08 3:30pm

Advocates Want To Grill And Drive With Propane Power

A cleaner-burning fuel than unleaded with an average price of under $3 per gallon, propane is an appealing alternative fuel, despite its lower energy content when compared to gasoline. Brian Feehan, VP of the Propane Education and Research Council, is aiming to have 10 percent of "select auto fleets" running on… » 8/25/08 1:00pm 8/25/08 1:00pm

In Gaza, Industrious Mechanics Turn Vintage Cars into Wannabe Pintos

Times are tough in Gaza. So tough, in fact, that the Middle Eastern region's residents, starved for petrol as a result of Israeli sanctions, have turned to running their cars on pressurized cooking gas, according to a report today in the Toronto Star. Yes, that's right: for a little under $300, Gaza mechanics will… » 2/11/08 2:15pm 2/11/08 2:15pm

Canadian Man Ticketed For Driving BBQ Tank-Powered Car

Cars powered by propane aren't exactly rare, a number of manufacturers offer such flex-fuel vehicles. What you don't see a lot of these days is the homemade variety. Thursday, Sarnia police spotted a 53-year-old man driving a car with a protruding hood, which appeared to be blocking the driver's view. Upon closer… » 2/19/07 11:17am 2/19/07 11:17am

West Virginia Gas Station Explosion Kills 4, Injures 9

Some of us here at Jalopnik exist in the form of smokers. We're stupid, we know, but it is not our fault. To sorta-quote Dave Berry, "If the government was serious about stopping kids from smoking, they would eliminate the 10th grade." Somehow this all goes back to a night long ago during 10th grade. We were at a gas… » 1/30/07 5:23pm 1/30/07 5:23pm