SEMA 2007: Popular Hot Rodding's Project X Car Unveiled

It took them 40 years, but Popular Hot Rodding's finally done it — they've finished the rebuild of the '57 Chevy they first received back in 1965. The history's as storied as can be and just as boring. But, if for some reason you're interested in what a magazine from Primedia with merely a token web site has got going… »10/30/07 3:45pm10/30/07 3:45pm


Project X Marks The Spot At SEMA For Popular Hot Rodding And GM

In case anyone missed the line from yesterday's SEMA-stained press release from the boys and girls at the General, it looks like Popular Hot Rodding's famous (or is it infamous, which we hear is like famous only more so) '57 Chevy "Project X" project car is finally ready for business due to a plethora of parts and… »10/23/07 9:15am10/23/07 9:15am