What's The Best Video Game From This Decade?

In honor of yesterday's release of GT5 Prologue we've been holding on to a few video game QOTD's. Monday, we asked you about your favorite racing video game from the 1980's, yesterday it was racing games of the 1990's and today we're looking at the post-Y2K years when, despite the fall of civilization and technology,… » 4/16/08 11:40am 4/16/08 11:40am

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel

Because we can show love to the Xbox fanboys out there, our gift list also includes this mighty fine peripheral, a must have for any serious Project Gotham or NFS racer. In their review last year, Gizomdo called the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel "the best racing experience we've ever had." And good news, you can get it for… » 11/28/07 2:30pm 11/28/07 2:30pm

Art and Science Indeed: Cadillac Does Xbox 360

Cadillac announced today it would offer a free, promotional content pack for Project Gotham Racing 3 on Xbox 360. The package includes all the accoutrements needed to race Caddy's three high-performance V-Series models: the 400hp CTS-V, 469hp STS-V and 443hp XLR-V. What's more, gamers who can finish in the top 100 in… » 5/22/06 11:33am 5/22/06 11:33am