Risking identity theft and fraud for the last Ford Ranger oil baffle

Recently, the company that stamps my paychecks decreed that all who serve under its righteous heel must undergo security awareness training. Like the other delinquents at Road & Track, I settled in at the last minute to click through the slurry of stock photos and common-sense quizzes that added up the basic knowledge… »12/01/14 12:32pm12/01/14 12:32pm

A Dodge Viper Just Gave New Meaning To "Weight Reduction"

Have you ever looked at your 500+bhp sports car and said, "just not fast enough?" Some of you add engine upgrades in the pursuit of speed. Others try to reduce weight. We all know that guy: the dude who brags about how he deleted his back seats and replaced his fronts, rocks lightweight wheels and a lightweight… »10/11/14 11:30am10/11/14 11:30am

Can A Car With No Title Ever Get Legally Back On The Road?

You've been tempted by them before; abandoned cars in barns, junkyards, and on roadsides in "rusty but restorable" condition. Whoever owns it is willing to let it go for pennies, there's just one catch– the car doesn't have any paperwork, and without it you'll never be able to get a license plate. Or can you? »8/08/14 5:12pm8/08/14 5:12pm