Progressive Automotive X Prize Mustang Claims 400 HP, 110 MPG; We Claim Baloney

Doug Pelmear is claiming his '87 Stang is good for 400 HP and a 3 second 0-60 MPH time, all while returning a 110 MPGe figure. MPGe? Yeah, that's miles per gallon equivalent; because he's using E85 ethanol, that figure might be about 80 real miles per gasoline gallon. So, is Doug one of those garage tinkerers who… »7/07/08 4:20pm7/07/08 4:20pm

McCain To Offer $300 Million Prize For Developing New Super Battery

Presidential candidate John McCain (R-Old) is expected to unveil a new proposal today offering $300 million in prize money to the first automaker that can demonstrate significant improvements in battery technology. The targets to secure the prize include a 30% cost reduction, along with "substantial improvements" in… »6/23/08 1:00pm6/23/08 1:00pm