Ford Share Price Down 10%, Could Double Soon! Wait, What?

In a bulletin typical of the Russian-nesting-dolls-style news stories that so often seem to come out of Detroit, Reuters is reporting Barron's will soon report Ford per-share earnings "could" double next year to a buck and 44 cents. It would seem possible happy days are possibly here again...umm, possibly? » 4/07/08 7:30am 4/07/08 7:30am

Chance! GM Announces Quarterly Dividend

General Motors Corp announced today a dividend of two-bits per share for GM common stock. So if you're the holder of record as of November 16, 2007 you can cash in on December 10, 2007. So if you have 20 shares of GM common stock you'll have $5.00 in cold, hard and devalued American dollars. This dividend is unchanged… » 11/06/07 5:45pm 11/06/07 5:45pm

Porsche's "Geyser 'o Cash" Continues Unabated

At current rates of return, Porsche will own the auto industry by 2112 — just in time for President Geddy Lee's Cryogenically Frozen Head to rename Detroit "Stuttgart West." Led by strong sales of the 911 range, though bolstered by excellent showings from the new Cayman and Boxster, Porsche's after-tax profits hit… » 12/06/06 9:28am 12/06/06 9:28am

Go Ahead, Jump! Toyota's Quarterly Profit Leaps 39%

We haven't even been able to hold down a relationship for the length of years Toyota's been running a profit. This quarter's expected 39% bump in profits represents the sixth straight year of record fiscal reports. The big T recorded a net profit of 404.1 billion yen ($3.6 billion), up from the 290.7 billion yen… » 5/10/06 11:39am 5/10/06 11:39am

Holy Restated Earnings! GM's Back In Black With A First Quarter Profit Shift

GM's bean-counters have been working overtime over at the RenCen this week, shifting over some of its obligations from last year's health care agreement and some higher gains from its holding in Suzuki Motor Corp, and lo' and behold, found an extra $768 million in their bottom line. That'll flip them from a… » 5/09/06 9:24am 5/09/06 9:24am

Breaking! Visteon First Quarter Profits Released! Wait — Profits?!?!

Auto supplier Visteon's just dropped their revenue numbers for the first quarter — and happy of happy's, they've swung from the red to the black with a net income of $3 million ($0.02 per share). May not sound like much but remember, this is totally apples and oranges to their loss of $163 million ($1.30 per share)… » 5/02/06 9:57am 5/02/06 9:57am

Breaking! Kia Announces First Quarter Profits - - Or Lack Thereof

Kia — no, not Hyundai — reported this morning that net profit plummeted like 80% of a rock over last year's numbers. The second-largest Korean automaker earned 38.37 billion won (approximately $41 million) and saw sales rise 11% to 4.39 trillion won (approximately $4.7 billion). So why'd we decide to give you the… » 4/28/06 5:30am 4/28/06 5:30am

Breaking: DaimlerChrysler Sees Profits; Does Not Cite Underpants Gnomes - Jalopnik Disappointed

DaimlerChrysler released numbers for the first quarter and they garnered a net profit of 299 million euros on 17% higher sales. But taking a look underneath those numbers at the individual divisions shows something different — like the fact a company has lower profits in one division (Chrysler), and a loss in the… » 4/27/06 9:59am 4/27/06 9:59am

Honda Goes Double: Mintin' A Quarterly Profit Of $1.9 Billion

Oh that's where GM and Ford's profit went — they were looking for that. Honda more than doubled its net profit from a year ago offsetting a decline of sales in their home country of Japan. On top of the record-breaking quarterly profits — which were more than good — quarterly sales jumped 20.6%. Whoa! So even though… » 4/26/06 8:15am 4/26/06 8:15am