Where the Most Important Part of Your Battery Comes From

Lithium's kind of a big deal. It powers everything from our gadgets to our cars—really our entire modern world. And that's not changing any time soon; some analysts estimate that demand could grow up to 25% over the next several years. But how does one harness the power of a metal that bursts into flame every time it… »7/02/13 3:57pm7/02/13 3:57pm

Volkswagen Will Build Plant In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Volkswagen will build its first American plant since the 1980's in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The city bested competing bids from Alabama and Michigan for the plant, which will cost up to $1 billion to build and could employ as many as 2,000 workers. Chattanooga had a major advantage due to the state's lack of unions and… »7/15/08 10:51am7/15/08 10:51am

Industry Group Attempts to Prompt Fears Over Maritime Diesel Switch

The International Maritime Organization is considering switching to low-sulphur diesel fuel — just like you use in your Audi — in an effort to help the environment. This sounds like a good thing, right? Cargo ships will pollute a little less, Pandas will have a little more sex, overall oil usage probably won't change… »3/28/08 5:45pm3/28/08 5:45pm

H2? H2, Where Are You? Hummer H2 Plant To Shut Down For Two Weeks

AM General, the maker of all things Hummer, will be shutting down the H2 line for two weeks this month in order to right-size production to match up with slowing sales. The plant employees about 600 from the sleepy little farm-filled hamlet of Mishawaka, Indiana. Which, in many ways we feel, might remind us a little… »10/05/06 2:45pm10/05/06 2:45pm

Toyota Wants The World, Seeks To Boost Production 20% In US, 40% Worldwide

Despite talk a year ago of looking for ways to help the down-and-out American automakers through boosting prices, the automaker from the land of the rising sun is looking at boosting production by 20% in the US and global production by 40%. ToMoCo seems to be looking at taking and keeping that #2 spot here in the US,… »9/18/06 9:57am9/18/06 9:57am

Quality is Job Ichi? Toyota Considering Delay of New Models to Tackle Snafus

Toyota's golden age is looking a bit brassy this morning. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the company may hold off introducing several new models by up to six months due to quality issues. The company's stutter-step offers a fine opportunity for American makers, who've upped their quality ratings of late, to make… »8/25/06 10:04am8/25/06 10:04am