Remember When A Concorde Wore This Ridiculous Pepsi Livery?

Brands often commission special vehicles to promote a new product or make a quality impression with a particular demographic. In conjunction with a major rebranding in 1996, Pepsi struck a deal with Air France to create a truly unique and inspiring marketing tool using one of the 20 Concorde aircraft in existence at… »6/06/15 2:00pm6/06/15 2:00pm


Official Transformers 2 Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Off Audi R8

This official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen »9/04/08 4:00pm9/04/08 4:00pm behind-the-scenes video from Wal-Mart gives a closer look at the Audi R8 during the first day of shooting on the set. Also clearly visible is Michael Bay's massive douchebagitude. With all the hype surrounding the blatant product placement that is the and the we…

Can You Come Up With A Better Auto Product Placement Plot?

The brief description of Christian Slater's new NBC show makes us realize that any show can get the green light these days as long as it has the right product placement. It's a pretty simple formula, actually. Take one famous actor (Christian Slater), add a car (2010 Camaro SS) and one crazy plot twist involving a… »7/17/08 11:40am7/17/08 11:40am