The First Female NHRA Pro Stock Champion Was Featured In A Disney Movie

Before Erica Enders-Stevens became the first female champion of the hyper-competitive NHRA Pro Stock class, she was featured in the Disney Channel's made-for-TV movie "Right on Track." Now the world of drag racing has the largest number of women participating out of any motorsport. »11/19/14 1:27pm11/19/14 1:27pm


Koretsky, Allen Survive Total Burnination at NHRA Dallas Meet

Thankfully, Pro Stock drivers Bruce Allen and Kenny Koretsky are both alive with only scrapes, bruises and some broken bones between them after a horrific crash during Friday night qualifying in Dallas. Reher-Morrison driver Allen got out of the groove and entered Koretsky's lane, ending up on his side, at which… »10/11/05 12:33pm10/11/05 12:33pm