New Toyota Prius Teaser Campaign Continues With A Head Scratcher

Even though we've already seen the 2010 Toyota Prius »10/20/08 2:00pm10/20/08 2:00pm, the marketing march of continues, this time with something we can't put a name on. It's obviously a camera of some sort, probably. Heck it could be a super amazing fog light, or a fancy fingerprint reading door lock, or the eye of a HAL 9000. In any case it's got…

Toyota Dealer Takes Deposits For Plug-In Prius That Doesn't Exist; Toyota Applauds Their "Excitement"

According to Toyota's Open Road blog, Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, California was "doing what Toyota encourages its dealers to do:" Take customers' money. The Silicon Valley dealership had apparently been deluged with requests for a plug-in Prius hybrid »9/04/08 8:30am9/04/08 8:30am; knowing Toyota was working on such a vehicle, Magnussen's…

Swedes Do $184,000 Worth Of Unholy Things To Toyota Prius

Given the mission of the Toyota Prius, not to mention its technical complexity, it's not a huge surprise there isn't a lot of tuner work being done on the Toyota hybrid. Oh sure, there are a couple customized Prii floating around, but this example from Sweden totally blows out anything ever done before. According to… »8/21/08 2:20pm8/21/08 2:20pm

Convert Your Prius To A Lead-Acid Plug-In For Just $4,995!

Plug-In Supply Inc. has just introduced a $4,995 Toyota Prius plug-in conversion kit which uses a pack of twenty PbA20-12 lead-acid batteries. Good for 5kWh, the battery pack should last more than 800 charge cycles, or about two years. As you would expect from something with the word "lead" in it, the batteries weigh… »7/29/08 2:00pm7/29/08 2:00pm

Toyota Corporate Blog Urges You To Buy A Toyota, Then Ride Your Bike

Toyota is taking an unusual step on their Open Road corporate blog by promoting the idea of driving less. At first glance, this would seem oxymoronic, but Toyota is careful not to say "don't buy a Tundra." They're just saying that once you do buy a Tundra, you should leave it parked in your driveway for special… »7/03/08 10:40am7/03/08 10:40am