Pre-Owned BMW Ads Now Completely Indiscernible From Syphilis PSAs

What It's Selling: Pre-owned Bimmers

Where It's At: Greece

What This Ad Literally Says: "You know you're not the first"

What This Ad Intends To Say: Would you say no to a sexy looking woman just because she's not a virgin? Probably not unless you're one of those "religious types." Therefore, BMW hopes you'd… » 7/16/08 11:20am 7/16/08 11:20am

Audi Keeps with MC Escher Theme in Print Ad for Brazil

Last year, Audi produced a European TV spot based on the work of MC Escher, which was one of the coolest uses of video CGI we'd seen — if just for its subtlety. Now, Audi is carrying the theme over to a print ad for Brazil. We're just wondering whether the Quattro system really provides enough traction to transcend… » 10/12/05 10:44am 10/12/05 10:44am