Primedia Sells Enthusiast Side Of Self For $1.2 Billion

Looks like Motor Trend, Automobile and Hot Rod — among many other enthusiast books — are being traded to Source Interlink, the home-entertainment distributor, for a wad of 1.2 billion dollar bills. Source Interlink's best known for their supply chain system that serves up magazines, books and DVD's to about 110,000… »5/15/07 11:00am5/15/07 11:00am

Question(s) of the Day: Who Will Buy Primedia's Car Titles; Which Will be Cut?

Ho, snap. Just a day after content giant, Primedia announced it was buying car-niche competitor VerticalScope Inc.'s Modified, Modified Luxury and Exotics titles, the company announced it's looking to sell off its remaining enthusiast titles. Primedia has been on a cash-raising binge, of late, for example, shedding… »2/09/07 1:01pm2/09/07 1:01pm

Popular Hot Rodding Puts Another Chink in Primedia's Styrofoam Chinese Wall

Back when Cameron Evans helmed Popular Hot Rodding, the mag had a real spark to it and some pretty solid momentum going. Once he bailed, it rapidly slid downhill. So somewhat unexpectedly, Johnny Hunkins recently exposed the enthusiast-media game for what it is (basically parts payola) with an evocative quote: »8/15/06 5:30am8/15/06 5:30am


Buy Some Ads, And We'll Review Your Product: Primedia Totally Whores Out

We did 4 1/2 years in the "enthusiast" publishing bidness i.e., mags for people who like to hop up their vehicles. And while we encountered a lot of pressure from ad sales guys to get their clients into stories (which ultimately became so oppressive that we basically quit writing feature stories because we felt like… »12/12/05 3:17pm12/12/05 3:17pm