For $6,500, Stick Out Like a TRD in a Punchbowl

Soccer moms, both hot and not, gave up the minivan for SUVs about a decade ago. Despite that, you might still consider today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Previa a MILF- a Minivan I'd Like To Find. » 1/03/11 8:00am 1/03/11 8:00am

Michael Jackson Is Alive And He Drives A Toyota Previa

A reanimated Michael Jackson, or at least his doppelganger, was spotted cruising the byways of Los Angeles in a Toyota Previa. Good news: the King of Pop lives. Bad news: he's been reduced to driving a mid-engined, egg-shaped minivan. [Reddit] » 9/23/10 9:30am 9/23/10 9:30am

Neither Fast Nor Furious: Previa Drifting

In honor of our Vantastic QOTD, we've got some video of the once omnipresent and always strange-looking Toyota Previa getting sideways Tokyo drift style. Known as the Estima in Japan, this giant orange people mover comes complete with a carbon fiber-esque hood, manual tranny, racing harness and soon-to-be-shredded… » 4/09/08 1:45pm 4/09/08 1:45pm