President Bush Focused On Gas Prices, Has No Idea How Much Gas Will Cost

It's a tough job being the president. The amount of information relevant to running a country of our size is daunting. So when President Bush says that he's unaware that gas could hit $4 a gallon this spring, despite all the news coverage about the issue, we'll cut him some slack. He probably hasn't filled up a car in… »2/28/08 1:20pm2/28/08 1:20pm


State Of The Union: Bush Pays Weak Lip Service To Automotive Technological Innovation

As opposed to previous years, the president used only a small part of his State of the Union address to talk about the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We've read and reread the portion of the speech dedicated to energy and... well... there isn't much there. Mostly, he talked about funding the… »1/28/08 9:44pm1/28/08 9:44pm

Bush Threatens to Veto Energy Bill, No Likey CAFE Standards

President Bush is content with letting his presidency be remembered for stretching the truth to get us into an economically and strategically harmful conflict in the Middle East. But he'll be damned if he'll be remembered for letting congress raise the corporate average fuel economy mandates to 35 mpg! The industry is… »12/04/07 10:22am12/04/07 10:22am

This Is Our Country, This Is Our Hybrid - Toyota On The White House Lawn

A Plug-In Toyota Prius Hybrid is going to be on the south lawn of the White House today, but you're not going to be able to tell it's a Toyota because the hood is going to be up for photo time. Why? Because it doesn't sit well with the domestic automakers that a Toyota is there (why no Chrysler Hybrid? Oh... wait)… »2/23/07 3:45pm2/23/07 3:45pm

President Bush: "Someday You're Going To Be Able To... Drive 40 Miles On Battery"

Talking about energy policy yesterday in the middle of a cornfield, because why the hell not, President Bush said something that caught our attention: »2/23/07 8:49am2/23/07 8:49am

What's striking about this is, ignoring the golf cart variety vehicles and long-crushed GM models, there's the Toyota RAV4-EV and Ford Ranger EV, which had ranges of…