30 Predictions About Cars 30 Years From Now

So, we all know it’s Back to the Future day, and we’ve had plenty of content about DeLoreans and the movie’s predictions from 30 years ago. But now it’s time for some fresh new predictions for what we can expect, automotively, 30 years from now. Many of these used a remarkable new process called “making shit up,” and… »10/21/15 4:18pm10/21/15 4:18pm


Driverless Cars and Eating Dogs: Predictions for Year 2000 from 1980

What do you imagine will be the biggest challenges that the world will face in 20 years? Energy or food scarcity? Overpopulation? What about our biggest triumphs? Cures for cancer and extended lifespans? Smarter humans? Well, these would all sound similar to the people of 1980 when they looked 20 years into the future… »11/06/14 4:34pm11/06/14 4:34pm

Automotive Predictions For 2014 Based On Data Real Analysts Use

GM could buy Tesla in 2014! Can you believe it? It's totally, probably gonna happen, because Yra Harris, an analyst, said so. And, contrary to the first syllable of his job, he's not speaking ex recto here. He's basing it on all kinds of data, like the existence of Tesla and GM, and the use of money to buy things. »12/27/13 3:00pm12/27/13 3:00pm