Why Stupid Special Editions Are Actually Pretty Brilliant

Chevy has already crapped out so many Special Edition 2015 Colorado and Silverado pickup trucks it's getting ridiculous, and according to their marketing folks "that's a trend that's going to continue." Other automakers are almost as guilty. I'm starting to think... they may be on to something. »3/07/15 10:16am3/07/15 10:16am

Losing Voltage: Is GM Trying To Kill Hype On The Electric Volt?

According to Sharon Terlep at the Detroit News, the General may be attempting to limit their PR rock down the electric avenue via the Volt concept car shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Although we knew from the start the Volt, a plug-in hybrid concept car, relied on battery systems nowhere near ready for… »3/23/07 10:31am3/23/07 10:31am

Wizard Of Audi: Automaker Unintentionally Shows How Sausage Is Made...Err...Lit

Sometimes I feel like marketing a new car is kind of like making sausage. Sure, the end product looks like it could taste great, but you just know the process to get there is messy. And what about actually knowing what's in it — forget about it! But basically, it's the job of the marketing team at an automaker to… »2/27/07 1:00pm2/27/07 1:00pm

A Staggeringly Underwhelming Press Release On Ford's New Seat Technology

We know it's a slow news day FoMoCo, but seriously — seat cushions? Seriously. The boys n' girls in Dearborn are hailing their newest "American Innovation" — a "major breakthrough with soy-based polyurethane foams", which apparently are the primary substance that makes up a vehicle's seat cushions. Wait, we'll let… »10/13/06 10:53am10/13/06 10:53am

Hook 'Em When They're Young: GM's Hooking Up College Journalists With Trips To Vegas, Baby, Vegas

The General's West Coast PR maven Diedra Wylie, in an e-mail to reporters and editors of a number of university newspapers, offered a free trip to Vegas this past weekend — with ten Universities reportedly accepting the trip. The program reportedly focused "on car customization culture which is relevant to young… »9/11/06 9:37am9/11/06 9:37am

Ford's Thinking Hollywood, Baby! Bold Moves: The Movie!

Ford must really think the public is concerned with how they're turning the company around because Ford's hitting the "big (little) screen" like a star — like a not-so-bright, not-so-shining star — in a 50-part documentary series highlighting the "Bold Moves" FoMoCo is taking. In an e-mail today to all Ford staff,… »6/26/06 4:28pm6/26/06 4:28pm