Real Joe Biden Calls Out Fake Joe Biden Over Corvette V. Trans-Am Love

In perhaps one of the most Bidenesque moments ever, the Corvette-loving real Vice President of the United States Joe Biden called out the fake Trans-Am-loving version of himself from The Onion, who at this moment is giving a real fake iAMA on Reddit. If you're from 1990 and are browsing Jalopnik through a wormhole on… »1/18/13 4:00pm1/18/13 4:00pm

Citizens Demand The White House Give The Veep A Fleet Of Bitchin' Trans-Ams

Secessionists and Ron Paul supporters haven't been the only petitioners busy on the White House's "We The People" webpage this week. Someone filed a petition yesterday to establish a fleet of Vice Presidential Trans-Ams, to be customized and used to kick off the official beginning of summer. »11/20/12 10:30am11/20/12 10:30am

Battery Maker That Received $249 Million From Obama Administration Declares Bankruptcy

A123 Systems, the company that builds the batteries for the Fisker Karma and for the upcoming Chevy Spark EV, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, according to court documents. This is a major blow for the Obama administration, which has invested heavily in green energy with other companies like Solyndra… »10/16/12 9:15am10/16/12 9:15am

Open Thread: The 2012 Presidential Candidates Debate Who Saved Detroit More

Welcome to Jalopnik's open thread for the first of the three presidential debates. All throughout the campaign, you've heard the auto industry alternatively kicked around and cuddled by Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama. Tonight, starting at 9 pm ET in Denver, it's bound to happen again. »10/03/12 8:45pm10/03/12 8:45pm