Power Wheels Is Making Tiny Porsches Again

There's some great news from Mattel for parents who like to live vicariously through their kids and long ago had to trade their sports car dreams for a practical, spacious minivan. It's been almost a quarter century since Power Wheels offered a Porsche option, but come October kids aged three and older will be able to… » 2/25/15 9:20am 2/25/15 9:20am

Freakishly Strong Power Wheels 2015 Ford F-150s Can Hold Up A Real F-150

Don't listen to that bratty little cousin, your fat ass will apparently not break his Power Wheels 2015 Ford F-150 when you take it from him this Christmas. Watch four of the little plastic pickups hold the weight of a real, 4,120 pound, F-150 and survive. » 12/08/14 3:18pm 12/08/14 3:18pm

Ford Is Not Messing Around With Their Power Wheels Prototype

Ford's prototype people have heard all your yammering about their refusal to do a small pickup for the US market. They heard it so hard the freaked the heck out and went right off the deep end. You want small? You'll get small. Really small. YOU WON'T EVEN FIT. » 6/17/14 11:47am 6/17/14 11:47am

Six Year Old Does World's Cutest Drift In His Garage

Here we have future Formula Drift champion Will performing the world's cutest drift in his adorable Power Wheels Eliminator in his garage. So much precious opposite lock! » 5/07/14 1:00pm 5/07/14 1:00pm

Adult Power Wheels Racing Is Real, Wonderful, And Totally Insane

If there is a way to race something, people will race it. Enter the Power Racing Series, which is basically souped up Power Wheels built on a budget of $500. It is one of the most ridiculous, crazy, innovative, fun, and dangerous racing experiences I've ever seen, and you need to do it now. » 9/27/13 1:30pm 9/27/13 1:30pm

Your Little Gearhead Needs A Power Wheels Corvette Stingray

Is your child itching to go faster? Are they using your phone to buy random sports cars on eBay to try and satisfy their craving for hoonage? Then help them out by getting them a pint-sized Power Wheels version of the 2014 Corvette Stingray. It's perfect for tiny Jalops in training. » 7/11/13 9:37am 7/11/13 9:37am

This Sleepy Toddler Refuses To Quit Driving His Power Wheels Jeep

When adults fall asleep behind the wheel, the results are tragic and horrible. But when toddlers do fall asleep when they're driving their Power Wheels cars, it's hilarious and adorable! » 5/29/13 9:54am 5/29/13 9:54am

This Is Why People Think Power Wheels Drivers Are Asshats

There's really no excuse for parking your Barbie Jammin' Jeep Power Wheels like this when we all know there are far better ways to park a Power Wheels. (Hat tip to vinczcil0rtho!) [Imgur] » 10/11/10 4:30pm 10/11/10 4:30pm

Power Wheels Racing: Fat Men On Souped-Up Toy Cars

The Power Wheels Racing series is simple: Take any Power Wheels vehicle, modify it, and race it. The all-electric series results in last-minute, hacked-together racing machines of dubious quality, questionable safety, and spectacular entertainment. It's the perfect Maker Faire motorsport. » 8/01/10 4:30pm 8/01/10 4:30pm

Awesome Kid Parallel Drifts Power Wheels Mustang Into Tight Spot

These parents are obviously doing something right, as their son not only drives a Power Wheels Mustang, but can drift it into a parallel parking space like a parking challenge champ. Someday we want our kids to drive this well. » 8/18/09 2:30pm 8/18/09 2:30pm

Gas-Powered Barbie Car Snow Drifting Freakout

We've seen motorized kid's car shenanigans before, but this gang of cretins have whipped up an armada of gas-motored Powerwheels. "Psychobilly Freakout"-serenaded power slides and donut wheelies in the snow? You betcha. » 3/12/09 4:00pm 3/12/09 4:00pm

Hit It, Boy! Helmetless, Hopped-Up Power Wheels Hoonage

The ATV-assisted Power Wheels hoonage we saw yesterday showed some medium-grade disregard for safety, all right. But how about when you get a younger kid, lose the helmet, and juice up his Power Wheels truck with about ten times the factory power? This boy showcases some serious drifting skills as he lays hard plastic… » 4/18/08 10:40am 4/18/08 10:40am

ATV Pulls Barbie Power Wheels Jeep, Plastic Tires Have No Traction

Power Wheels are awesome. At least they are for the first couple weeks when you're a 6-year-old. After that, the battery gets weak and you're left wanting for more power. A solution to this need for speed? Why not just have your big brother tow you with his ATV? Oh, but make sure to wear a helmet, because those… » 4/17/08 6:00pm 4/17/08 6:00pm

Best Little Parking Spot In Manhattan

Just for gits and shiggles, here's a pic snapped by the sassy bloggers at Curbed (by way of the mother-site) — everyone's pretty sure it's on Elizabeth, just north of Houston. And we know the question you're thinking — how the hell did a Ford Focus owner pay for a parking spot in that part of town? We mean, the Benz » 6/26/06 8:10pm 6/26/06 8:10pm