Why we’re building a post-apocalyptic electric car

Michael and Kenny Ham want to protect the world from zombies, expensive electric cars, and a reliance on oil. Their solution? The ApocalypsEV, a solar-powered dune buggy that's also the cheapest car in America. Here's their plan — Ed. » 9/20/11 2:30pm 9/20/11 2:30pm

The Critter Gitter is Our New Ultimate Zombie-Hunting Vehicle

We've got a new top vehicle for Zombiepocalypse survival. It's called the Critter Gitter — an over-the-top purpose-built hunting vehicle. It weighs 13,250 lbs., has 64" tires and it costs $340,000. Most importantly, it has a wet bar. » 11/14/10 11:45am 11/14/10 11:45am

Lego Master Prepares For The Zombie ApocaLEGO

Preparing the right vehicle for the zombie apocalypse often requires a lot of time, space and a forgiving family. This is where ApocaLEGO vehicles come in. If minifig zombies want brains, they're going to have to get through this crew. » 2/03/10 11:00am 2/03/10 11:00am