The ten best post-apocalyptic survival vehicles

We're pulling out the lead-lined suits and Zombie Survival Guide once again to update our classic list. In the event of any number of world-ending disasters, these ten commenter-chosen vehicles should be able to keep you alive after the apocalypse goes down. » 7/18/11 11:00am 7/18/11 11:00am

Screw Burning Man: This year's greatest desert festival is a three-day…

If you've always wanted to be a Road Warrior or watch two men enter and one man leave, then get your ass down to Southern California for Wasteland Weekend, a Mad Max-themed weekend featuring DJs, post-apocalyptic vehicles... and Bartertown. » 8/26/10 6:20pm 8/26/10 6:20pm

And The Best Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Is... The Sisu XA-185

We had a late surge of votes for the best post-apocalytpic vehicle contest, though it didn't change the score that much. It turns out our readers love the flexibility, mobility and amphibious nature of the Finnish Sisu XA-185 (and other Sisu XA derivatives). With the Sisu getting first place with 28.7% of the vote and… » 2/27/08 1:45pm 2/27/08 1:45pm

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Shows Up In Trailer For New Film

While watching the Longhorns get a nice revenge win over the Wildcats we were treated to this trailer for Doomsday, a post-apocalyptic film. Well, sort of. Only Scotland is post-apocalyptic and therefore under quarantine after a mysterious disease was released (makes sense to us). Because the disease has popped up… » 2/26/08 10:40am 2/26/08 10:40am