Cops: Driver Tried To 'Take Out' Port Authority Police Officer With Car

A 24-year-old Pennsylvania man identified as Matthew Cash aimed an Audi A8 at two NY NJ Port Authority police officers at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel earlier this evening while exclaiming that he wanted to 'take out' a police officer. The officers were not hit, but one police car was badly damaged. » 1/07/15 9:20pm 1/07/15 9:20pm

The Port Authority Bus Terminal: Myth, Mystery, Mess


For many coming to New York City, the available entry is the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT). However, if a traveler seeks the charm of a grand entrance, they will be greatly disappointed. The PABT is considered, colloquially, to be a hall of unfathomable nightmares. As one Yelp! reviewer put it: » 12/04/14 2:26pm 12/04/14 2:26pm

Three Years Needed To Clean NYC Bus Terminal's Wretched Bathrooms

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recently stated it would take three years to upgrade the bathrooms at its bus terminal, the single worst place on earth. It only took four years for them to build the entire fucking George Washington Bridge. » 9/18/14 1:58pm 9/18/14 1:58pm

Port Authority Bus Terminal Declared 'Single Worst Place On Earth'

Many fresh-faced New Yorkers wish for a return to the city's gritty past. Little do they realize a bit of that grunge is still with us today: the Port Authority Bus Terminal, recently declared the "single worst place on Earth." » 8/04/14 4:10pm 8/04/14 4:10pm