Porsche Offices Raided On Suspicion Of VW Stock Manipulation

Porsche's Stuttgart offices were raided by prosecutors brandishing search warrants and hunting for evidence Porsche manipulated VW stock prices in support of their attempted takeover. Seems like ousted Porsche boss Weideking might have some 'splainin to do. [BBC] » 8/20/09 2:00pm 8/20/09 2:00pm

Porsche-VW Merger Closer, Could Be Called Auto Union

Prominent umlaut-junkies barked today that Volkswagen and Porsche have finally agreed on a merger, making Porsche the tenth member of the VW family in a partnership that could resurrect the Auto Union name. » 8/12/09 5:30pm 8/12/09 5:30pm

VW loans Porsche $980 million to ward off bankruptcy

First, Porsche wanted to buy VW. Then they got into trouble raising $12.5 billion to cover refinancing. Then Porsche had to settle for a pending merger with VW. Now, VW has loaned Porsche $980 million. » 5/26/09 12:30pm 5/26/09 12:30pm