2011 Porsche Cayenne: Hybridized For Your Marketing Pleasure

Despite the trompe l'oeil, the 2011 Porsche Cayenne is actually 1.88 inches longer than the outgoing model, but it's also 396lbs lighter. The real controversy, other than it being a Porsche-UV, is the 380HP hybrid — the first since 1899. » 2/25/10 9:00am 2/25/10 9:00am

Porsche Planning Electric-Powered Sports Car

Porsche's fancy new President and CEO Michael Macht, speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, stated the performance brand is developing hybrid and electric powertrains for sports cars. However, current batteries aren't "sufficient to meet Porsche's strict requirements." Press release below. » 9/15/09 10:30am 9/15/09 10:30am