2012 Porsche 911: Somebody Call 991!

A chatty yet anonymous Jalopnik reader caught this mini-parade of taped-up Porsches (including a facelifted Boxster) running through the streets of Beverly Hills. Is the 991 (or 998 depending on who you talk to) getting some botox? » 9/03/10 9:15am 9/03/10 9:15am

Hyundai Genesis Drag Races A Porsche Boxster

These may be two completely » 9/05/08 4:30pm 9/05/08 4:30pm different vehicles, but that doesn't mean a drag race between a Hyundai Genesis 4.6 and a standard Porsche Boxster is a completely irrelevant test. Yes, the Boxster's flat-six has nothing over the Hyundai's 4.6-liter 375 HP V8, though we can't imagine that will stop impromptu white-collar…