Is This Bizarro World Rotary Powered Porsche 968 Awesome Or Terrible?

The Porsche 968 was the swan song for Porsche’s attempt at replacing the 911 with a font engined 2+2, and arguably the best looking of the 924/944/928/968 group. The elegant design is attributed to Dutch born Harm Lagaay who also designed the BMW Z1, Ford Scorpion/Sierra, Porsche 924, Boxster, Cayenne, 996, & Carrera… » 7/25/15 9:22am Saturday 9:22am

A Look Into Porsche's 918 Production Facility

For those of you who think the craftsmanship, passion, and meticulous attention to detail is absent from modern automotive manufacturing, watch this video and re-assess. The Porsche 918 is by no means average, but this quick look into the 918 production line is an example of how Porsche has brought true craftsmanship… » 7/15/15 6:25pm 7/15/15 6:25pm

This Hand-Built Flat-12 Porsche 917 Awaits Your Offer

Here are the three most important facts you need to know about this hand-built, Subaru-powered Porsche 917 tribute : 1. It isn’t a Laser. 2. It isn’t complete. 3. It has “two Subaru Tribeca engines bolted together to make a 12 cylinder boxer.” The project lit up the internet when it first listed on eBay last August » 7/12/15 8:33am 7/12/15 8:33am

Porsche Has A Brown Manual Turbodiesel Catering Van

If there’s one thing I’ve been impressed with during my first trip outside of North America, it’s HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT ALL THE WEIRD CARS WE DON’T GET. Porsche’s factory LMP1 team doesn’t just have a weirdo you’d never see in the United States, but they have a meme. One of our memes, to be exact. » 6/13/15 2:29pm 6/13/15 2:29pm

Steve McQueen's Porsche 930 To Cross The Block

It’s no secret that Steve McQueen loved his automobiles. The late actor is known to have owned some of the coolest cars around. A Ferrari 275GTB, Jaguar XKSS, even a Hudson Wasp graced McQueen’s driveway at one time or another. Now, one of the very last cars he ever owned will sell at Mecum Auctions this summer.Steve… » 6/09/15 6:36pm 6/09/15 6:36pm

Hot Wheels Key: LaLD Workshop.

I’ve been wanting to post a good how to of this for a while but never seem to have the time. I hope a quick guide will do here. I started making these keys just as a goof but people seem to really get a kick out of them. If done right they will roll around and help spark conversation or just kill boredom on tabletops. » 6/07/15 1:16pm 6/07/15 1:16pm