Porsche Has A Brown Manual Turbodiesel Catering Van

If there’s one thing I’ve been impressed with during my first trip outside of North America, it’s HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT ALL THE WEIRD CARS WE DON’T GET. Porsche’s factory LMP1 team doesn’t just have a weirdo you’d never see in the United States, but they have a meme. One of our memes, to be exact. » 6/13/15 2:29pm 6/13/15 2:29pm

Steve McQueen's Porsche 930 To Cross The Block

It’s no secret that Steve McQueen loved his automobiles. The late actor is known to have owned some of the coolest cars around. A Ferrari 275GTB, Jaguar XKSS, even a Hudson Wasp graced McQueen’s driveway at one time or another. Now, one of the very last cars he ever owned will sell at Mecum Auctions this summer.Steve… » 6/09/15 6:36pm 6/09/15 6:36pm

Porsche Reportedly Building A 'Pure' 911 Model With A Manual Gearbox

Jalops rejoice! For the thousands of you who complained about the 991 GT3 going two-pedal only, Porsche is reportedly working on a manual transmission-only “GT” model with a focus on “driver involvement” rather than track times, for the handful of you that can actually afford it. » 6/05/15 12:32pm 6/05/15 12:32pm

Porsche 911 Goes In For Dent Repair, Leaves Shop As A Porshce 911

Porsche 911 owners are known for their love of two things: the joy of a true rear-engine car, and the popular newspaper puzzle known as Jumble™. Go ahead, ask any Porsche owner. That’s why this Dubai 911-owner must have been so delighted when he got his car back from some bumper repair with a Jumble™-tastic badge. » 5/28/15 9:22am 5/28/15 9:22am

Guy Martin: a new host for a new Top Gear

When the Christmas book rankings were released in 2014, it came as a shock to many that a certain truck mechanic from Grimsby had outsold Hilary Clinton’s greatly anticipated memoir ‘Hard Choices’. Bookshops all across London were asking, “who is this Guy Martin?”, “where has he come from?” and, “was he the bloke on… » 5/19/15 2:15pm 5/19/15 2:15pm