All-Wooden Speedball Special Roadster Built, For Sale In St. Louis

In the September, 1956 issue of Mechanix Illustrated, directions for a lightweight, wooden speedster powered by a motorcycle engine caught the eye of some deranged boat builder on the west coast. Here's the result: a modified version of the Speedball Special. Best news? It's for sale. The car was originally built in… » 11/24/08 4:00pm 11/24/08 4:00pm

Millions Served: PopSci Drives the Lamborghini Reventon

Popular Science car guy William R. Snyder got a coveted spot covering the first press drive of the Lamborghini Reventön (sorry, Reventón). That's the million-Euro Murciêlago LP640 imbued with fighter-jet mojo by way of copious carbon fiber and a cockpit-like interior. We're still far more impressed with… » 11/02/07 1:00pm 11/02/07 1:00pm

Popular Science Predicts The Car Of 2026 Won't Crash — Still Waiting On The 1986 Prediction Of A Flying Car, Thank You!

Despite much evidence to the contrary, flying cars really haven't hit it big yet — despite claims made by Popular Science magazine to the contrary during our childhood. We still remember telling our mother back in 1986that we'd buy her a "flying car" for her birthday in 2006. Instead, we may be regressing — we'll… » 5/24/06 8:28am 5/24/06 8:28am