Whatever Happened To Predictability? The Milk Man, The Paperboy, The Jet-Powered Concept Car...

Our esteemed editor, Herr Wert, penned a piece for Popular Mechanics about the demise of the futuristic concept car and the rise of practically-production concepts like the Honda Pilot and Dodge Challenger, which will end up being nearly indistinguishable from their production versions. The good days of the … »3/20/08 10:00am3/20/08 10:00am

Spy Photog Jim Dunne Retires From Popular Mechanics, Still Not-Yet-Dead

We hear today is Jim Dunne's last day at the magazine all about Mechanics that are quite Popular. To be honest, who knew he was even still alive? I mean come on — he's been a spy shooter for like, ever. But we tip our fedoras to the man who made spy shooting lucrative — since 1837 — for folks like Brenda Priddy, Glenn… »10/31/07 7:11pm10/31/07 7:11pm