How To Make A Quick, Makeshift Popemobile

See that column of black smoke up in the sky? That means all those Cardinals still haven't picked a new Pope. That also means you still have a chance, if you're a male Catholic. It won't be easy — this year's race to the right hand of God is hotly contested, with some serious celebrity endorsements. Like Dennis… » 3/13/13 1:15pm 3/13/13 1:15pm

What Would You Be Driven In If You Were Pope?

Taking a gander at what the Pope was taken for a ride in this morning got us to thinking. Especially knowing what the main man from the Vatican takes out on parade days, we're interested to know what luxe ride you'd like to be taking down 1st Avenue in New York today. If you were the Pope, and rocking the white robes,… » 4/18/08 12:30pm 4/18/08 12:30pm

New Popemobile a Drop-Top Geländewagen

It's a da freakin Popemobile! In addition to his M and S-Class, Mercedes has put together another ride for the Pope. This "Fair Weather Popemobile" is a new G 500 with the top shaved off and a specialty roll/hold bar for the Holy Father. We know it's hot, just try and stay off it, for your own safety. We're not joking… » 12/05/07 9:45am 12/05/07 9:45am

How Many Of The Pope's Driving Commandments Have You Broken?

We like the spirit behind this question much more than the actual question. Why? Well, first and foremost, the idea that we should listen to an ex-Nazi, 80-year-old virgin in a white dress and a funny hat who communicates with doors and chimneys about anything, let alone driving (or what to do with our genitals) is… » 6/21/07 1:30pm 6/21/07 1:30pm

Man Jumps Into Popemobile, Gets Severe Ass-Whoooping

As you can see from the video above, a man tried to jump in Pope Benedict XVI's popemobile during his weekly general audience held in St Peter's Square at the Vatican early this morning. The man was wrestled to the ground and beaten senseless by security officers before he could do any damage to his holiness or his… » 6/06/07 8:30am 6/06/07 8:30am

Breaking! Anna Nicole Smith News Tangentially Involving Cars!

According to the celeb-watchers at TMZ, John "Texas" O'Quinn, the lawyer for Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, collapsed in court just under an hour ago. TMZ says, » 2/22/07 2:05pm 2/22/07 2:05pm

So what the heck does this have to do with cars? Glad you asked — you see, in addition to being a in Texas (yes, that's why his nickname is…

Savior Survivor: VW Ups The Ante In The Fight To Provide The Pope's New Whip

Yes, either the Pope didn't like the XC90 that Volvo sent over back in June, or the boys n' girls at Volkswagen are seriously worried over whether or not they'll be reaching the pearly gates. Maybe that's why the German automaker's giving his excellency a brand spankin' new 450 hp Phaeton. We're hoping, for Pope… » 10/20/06 11:42am 10/20/06 11:42am

Viva La Compromise! Bavarian-Based Automakers Reach Truce Over Papal Visit

Who knew the problems a Pope can cause to two of the biggest and baddest Bavarian auto companies. Both BMW and Audi have been bickering like two catholic school kids over which automaker has the right to supply the official car for the six-day visit by Pope Benedict XVI. But after weeks of back-and-forth, folks over… » 9/13/06 9:19am 9/13/06 9:19am