[A Turbo Trans Am (quite a rare bird, if you don't mind the pun) lives in my neighborhood. It is brown and gold with a brown and gold screaming chicken on the hood. The idle is as lumpy as you imagine. Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove] » 10/24/14 12:00am 10/24/14 12:00am

This Is The Most Ridiculous Superhero Movie Car You've Never Heard Of

Remember when anyone with a few bucks, some fiberglass and a weird automotive vision could start a car company? It happened. You know the big names like Zimmer and Stutz and the small ones like the Leata Cabalero. But do you know the Pegasus? » 6/26/14 12:35pm 6/26/14 12:35pm

The 700 Horsepower Pontiac Trans Am Hillclimb Car Is Back

Possibly the greatest flame-spitting classic Pontiac racecar competing anywhere in the world today is back. Here it is tearing up the Bergrennen Reitnau hillclimb in Switzerland the other week. » 9/06/13 1:00pm 9/06/13 1:00pm

This Trans-Am Is A Great American Car In Our Nation's Capital

Welcome to Found Around The District, where we highlight fascinating cars we find around a city where people are too busy fighting through traffic and hunting for parking to drive anything interesting: Washington, D.C. » 4/14/13 9:01am 4/14/13 9:01am

Blow Through Borders In The 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

If you were looking to blow through borders, get in low-key pursuits with "enemy agents" and perform narrow ramp water crossings the 1975 Pontiac Trans Am was the car for you. At least that was the premise of this amusing vintage advertisement. » 7/07/12 10:00am 7/07/12 10:00am

Take A Look At The Muscle Car Wars Circa 1985

While compared with the high horsepower cars of the late 1960s or today's modern muscle these muscle offerings from 1985 might seem a little tame, they were the most impressive performers that had rolled out of Detroit in sometime. » 5/20/12 9:00am 5/20/12 9:00am

Pay Your Respects at Japan's Random Muscle-Car Graveyard

Daniel O'Grady, an Australian into exploring old Japanese castles, happened upon this random sadness pile in Kurume City on Kyushu island. It's definitely a five-hanky lot of cars gone to seed, though rife with rusty-muscle-car porn. » 1/28/12 12:00pm 1/28/12 12:00pm

Original K.I.T.T. from "Knight Rider" goes up for auction

If you're a child of the early '80s, there are two cars that sprung from the cathode TV sets and permanently lodged in your little brain. One was the General Lee, and the other was K.I.T.T. — which can now be yours for the right price. » 10/06/11 4:30pm 10/06/11 4:30pm

Surf’s Way, Way Up

Out of its habitat, this gold Trans Am Firebird Esprit sits submerged in San Diego, hit on Tuesday by rising flood waters caused by a week of powerful rainstorms. Photo Credit: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images » 12/22/10 2:00pm 12/22/10 2:00pm

Biden's Beloved Trans Am Makes New York Times

The New York Times is finally reporting on something even The Onion's already covered — Vice President Joe Biden's penchant for washing his beloved Pontiac on the driveway of the White House. The man just loves showin' those cannons. [NYT] » 11/10/10 4:00pm 11/10/10 4:00pm

HPP Trans-Am Concept: A Camaro With A Retro-Oh Face

Since the new Camaro launched, customizers have attempted to build the Trans-Am a deceased Pontiac couldn't. From Lingenfelter to the Bandit Trans-Am, then The Firebreather. Now there's the HPP Trans-Am Concept, from the same people who built the Retro Daytona. » 10/26/10 10:00am 10/26/10 10:00am

Quaalude Residue Under Carpets Won't Save This '78 Trans Am From…

I was at the junkyard with Casadelshawn not long ago, doing research for the next Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, and there it was: Pure concentrated essence of late 1970s! » 7/11/10 11:00am 7/11/10 11:00am

The Firebreather: First Drive

Our first thought when we saw "The Firebreather," the hero car Classic Design Concepts built for Exxodus Pictures' new sci-fi flick Jinn, was "modern interpretation of a Firebird... cool!" The reality is it's much better... and much faster. » 7/08/10 3:00pm 7/08/10 3:00pm

Trans Am's Inherent Awesomeness Leads To Owner's Not-So-Awesome…

Of all the writers whose styles I've ripped off been influenced by over the years, none— not even James Ellroy— has had as much influence on the Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand™ as Kevin Hoover of the Arcata Eye. » 6/05/10 3:00pm 6/05/10 3:00pm

Screaming Chicken-Trumping Firehawk for $12,500!

Pontiac's dispatched almost as many screaming chickens as Colonel Sanders. But despite that avian connection, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe firebird is a hawk, not a hen, and you have to decide if its price is fair or fowl. » 3/25/10 8:00am 3/25/10 8:00am

The Pontiac Trans Am Kammback

In the mood for a one-of-a-kind Pontiac now that the brand's dead? This 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Experimental Kammback is for sale and fits the weirdo bill. It's a GM experimental with a wagon-back bolting right into the hatch opening. » 3/11/10 4:30pm 3/11/10 4:30pm

Firebird And Ice! Camo-Covered Trans Am Camaro Conversion Caught In Snow

There's a new Chevy Camaro, but with Pontiac dead, aftermarket shops are stepping into the Atlanta-bound-truck-trailer-filled-with-beer-sized breach, designing their own conversion kits for a new Trans Am. One shop's conveniently left theirs staged outside for a GMInsideNews forumite to photograph. » 2/14/10 12:00pm 2/14/10 12:00pm

New Camaro/Trans Am Conversion Proves Mullets Aren’t Dead

What makes the Gearhead Performance Group Trans Am different from other Camaro/Trans Am conversions like the Bandit and Lingenfelter concept? It'll supposedly come with a 900 HP twin-turbo LS9. Nice. » 1/20/10 12:45pm 1/20/10 12:45pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird

Here's some advice for you prospective LeMons racers: don't buy a Camaro! If LeMons ever branches into drag racing, the Camaro will be an excellent choice, but the small-block Chevy engine has proven to be nothing but trouble in weekend-long endurance races. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Trans Am Driver Grenades His Clutch In Burnout FAIL

Remember the Corvette Z06 clutch-plosion? It could have been worse. This Trans Am owner nearly loses his foot trying to burn down the tires. » 12/31/09 4:00pm 12/31/09 4:00pm