Here's A Hilarious Rant About How Detroit Is Seen In America

Jalopnik Detroit writer Aaron Foley is a national treasure, that much is settled Fact. Every goddamned day he brings the perspective of someone who actually lives in Detroit, an incredibly complex city, and it's a task that can seem daunting. So when another Gawker Media writer messes up, he takes them to task as well. »5/18/14 4:36pm5/18/14 4:36pm


Jalopnik Crashes GM's New Global Powertrain Engineering Center In SE Michigan

In a move that GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner described as "A major step forward for General Motors," the company today dedicated its new Global Powertrain Engineering Development Center. The center is located in Pontiac, MI, spitting distance from the defunct Silverdome — the former home to the Detroit Lions, and… »7/25/08 5:00pm7/25/08 5:00pm