Pontiac, A Eulogy: Excitement No More

Pontiac was officially declared dead this weekend at 84 from complications due to GM ownership. In honor of this sad occasion, we're re-running our Pontiac eulogy from 2009. — Ed. . » 11/01/10 6:00pm 11/01/10 6:00pm

Pontiac Vibe, Solstice Are Dead, Won't Live On As Chevys

GM CEO Fritz Henderson just told journalists the Pontiac Vibe and Solstice will not live on at other brands. Also, he's gonna have to talk with Toyota about what they're gonna do with NUMMI. » 4/27/09 9:30am 4/27/09 9:30am

GM To Officially Kill Pontiac, Assembly Plants Today

Although not news to us, GM officially announces the death of the storied 83-year-old Pontiac brand along with more assembly plant closures this morning. Goodbye, screamin' chicken, GTO, building excitement and the "great ones." » 4/27/09 8:30am 4/27/09 8:30am

Pontiac Is Dead... Again

Apparently other publications weren't reading Jalopnik in February when we broke the news Pontiac would either die, or become some sorta zombie. Whichever it is, we've decided to run our eulogy, in its entirety, again. » 4/23/09 5:15pm 4/23/09 5:15pm

GM To Officially Kill Saturn Brand, Most Of Pontiac

Our sources tell us GM's viability plan set to be released at 5:00PM will kill the Saturn brand by 2011. Pontiac will also go away as a division. But the nameplate will sorta live on. » 2/17/09 4:46pm 2/17/09 4:46pm