Why The Pontiac GTO Is A Future Classic

What if I told you that for well under $20,000, you could get yourself an import car with two doors, four seats, a stick shift, a 6.0-liter V8 with 400 horsepower and a legendary nameplate attached to it? Meet the Pontiac GTO. No, not that one, the under-appreciated one from the 2000s. » 8/09/13 4:15pm 8/09/13 4:15pm

Get Sad Because Bob Lutz Says Pontiac Was Going To Make A New GTO

I'm a big fan of the last-gen Pontiac GTO, the boring-looking Australian captive import with a not-at-all boring pair of LS V8 engines. That one only lasted from 2004 and 2006, and it was never replaced. But it almost was, according to Bob Lutz! » 8/08/13 11:48am 8/08/13 11:48am

Pontiac Is No More, But The Survivors Flourish Down On The Street

Oldsmobile, Plymouth, and now Pontiac; this century is rough on the old Detroit marques. With the the demise of Pontiac in mind, let's check out the classic Pontiacs I've photographed down on the Alameda street. » 5/02/09 1:00pm 5/02/09 1:00pm

And, what the heck, we might as well have a poll to…

BBC Launches Classic Muscle Cars on San Francisco Street, We Cry

A film crew from the BBC recently decided that launching a Pontiac GTO (which we hope is a replica) and a Mercury Montego cop car off a ramp and down a San Francisco street would be pretty cool. While stunting is a vital part of every chase scene, sometimes it's a bit like knowing how sausage is made — you're better… » 6/10/08 10:40am 6/10/08 10:40am

Forum Fan-Boy Builds Excitement With Pontiac GTO Photoshop Of Holden…

We can always trust the GM fan-boys at GMInsideNews to get their p-shop pens out whenever Holden drops a hot piece of Aussie 'roo tail out for the muscle-craving hoons of the world. Yesterday's Coupe 60 concept was no exception to the rule. camaro_freak, one of the Vegemite-loving forumites over at GMI has photoshopped » 2/29/08 9:20am 2/29/08 9:20am